Backup Android mobile to laptop

How to backup android phone to PC/Laptop


Backup Android mobile to laptop

It’s important to know how to backup an Android phone to a PC while you’re an Android user and save sensitive details or files on your computer. Backup of your phone is vital whether your phone has been lost, robbed or missing. You need to keep your data secure. You may also want to back up merely to keep a new phone or to keep a copy of your backups on your server or cloud if you run out of room on your mobile.
We did some analysis and testing to assemble a list of the top for Android phone backups. Let’s go!

How to Backup Android using USB

If the images, videos and other files saved on your Android are really worried, it’s the fastest way to transfer them via USB. You don’t need an application and it takes just a few minutes.
The best way to move media on Android is to manually copy and paste the data into the computer’s storage. This is the necessary way to move data to the machine using a USB cable from an Android smartphone. Therefore, it is advisable to have the original USB cable, used for the Android device link to the monitor, ready. This is how this method will be used:
Step 1: Go to Settings / Additional Settings / Developer options and tap either USB debugging.

Backup mobile phone using usb

Step 2: Be using a USB cable to connect the Android to a computer for media files to be transmitted. Now enable “USB for file transfer”.


android cell phone backup steps

Step 3: Now you open the screen display window to view both the internal storage of your handset and the storage of your SD card if you have one.

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Step 4: You should copy data or media files and paste them into the computer’s memory after you have achieved access to the internal and external memory of the handset, i.e. the SD card. You can also drag and drop the files to the PC. If the file transfer is that, delete or detach from the machine from the Android unit.


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This is a way of transferring data to the computer from the phone. In addition, this is a fully free operation. While this method allows you to only attach the unit to the computer so that everything on Android is incredibly quick, it is not an exhaustive way to backup everything. This just allows with media backup files and does not allow backup of other kinds of files.

How to Backup your android smartphone via Dr. Fone
If you wish to have full backup of your android smartphone, a smarter way is to install full Android recovery software.
One of the best Android recovery software is Dr. Fone, which helps you to do complete backup or rebuild your Android smartphone, or you can backup relevant data from your phone to your computer. It does this without having root access to your devices.

dr fone backup steps

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone
Install and run the software on the computer for Android. Choose “Phone Backup” from the different resources present on the application interface.

mobile phone backup data in pc


Step 2: USB Connect to your Android phone to computer
Now connect your Android smartphone to your Computer using a USB cable. Make sure that the USB debugging mode is allowed on your computer. You could notice a popup screen on your Android device that asks you to allow USB debugging. Tap “OK” to enable.

mobile to laptop backup

Step 3: After you connect to the app you’re using, you’ll see the window where you can backup or recover your Android phone. To execute the first Android backup on the Computer, select Backup.


backup your phone in laptop

This would open a new window where you can choose which components of your phone you want to back up. It defaults to all of the settings, however you can disable whichever you want.


steps to backup phone

The method will take several minutes. So, make sure you don’t disconnect or use the Android device during the process.
backup data from mobile to pc
You will be able to access the backup files and what they contain by clicking the “View the backup” button until the backup is completed.

mobile to pc backup

This is a very fast and easy method which is preferable for normal Android users. One of the benefits of using this approach is that it supports a wide variety of Android devices and doesn’t require any rooting or other step of that measure, making this method incredibly easy and necessary.

How to Backup Android Other Services
Selecting the right app for your occupied whether you’d like to run the app on your PC or Android. It all depends on where you want to put the copies and whether you want to configure them.
Syncios Android Backup Manager: This free software is a full featured tool that allows you to back up everything, including contacts, apps, and SMS . It fits on most Android devices.
SyncDroid Android Manager: This app is designed to synchronise Android with Windows PCs. You can connect via USB or Wi-Fi, and backups contain all the essential things you want to save.
Apower Manager: The way you backup your files to your SD card for transfer to PC is a little different. It operates for iOS tablets as well.
Backup your Mobile: The Android programme lets you backup and recover your SD card or computer’s SD card and computer connectors, messages, system settings and even Wi-Fi passwords. One option is to file copies on Google Drive , Dropbox or OneDrive for your cloud accounts.



backup phone to google drive dropbox onedrive


The benefits of a smartphone for Android are that much of the data is backed up within such periods automatically. But only if you are on your Android mobile to your Google account. Through signing into this account, Google conveniently secures much of your information – including information about your Android settings, screen habits, wireless networks, passwords. If you haven’t yet … here is how you can set up your data in Google Account and backup it.
Step 1: Settings >Tap on Backup & Restore or Backup & reset
Step 2: If both “Back up my data” and “Automatic restore” are available on your smartphone, make sure both are allowed by swiping the toggle on.
Step 3: To ensure that the data is synced with your Google Account, tap and select all the options mentioned.



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