How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress?

Would you want to get a contact form on a WordPress website? Every website requires the contact form so that people can easily contact or get details about the products or services. By default, WordPress does not have in-built features of the contact form, but you can add the website’s contact form easily. In the WordPress tutorial, we show how to create WordPress’s best contact form by Inserting a single line of code.

If you prefer how to create a contact form on the WordPress website, you can follow these instructions. You can continue reading the information to create a contact form on the WordPress website in a few steps-

Pick the right contact form plugin

First of all, you must obtain a WordPress contact form plugin. There are also several free or paid WordPress contact forms accessible, or you can apply on your website. One can choose the best contact form tools or plug-in from any of the websites or let go-ahead to install on the website.

Install the contact form plugin in WordPress

To know more about the contact form tutorial, you will use that WP forms lite because it’s free. You can install the plugin on the website by logging into the WordPress dashboard or going to the plugin. In the search field, there is a need to type WPforms or click on the install. If you don’t find the plugins on the right menu, you need more detailed instructions or get all the steps on how to install the WordPress plugin.

Create a contact form in WordPress

Once the WP forms are activated, you are ready to create the contact form. In the WordPress dashboard, click on the WordPress forms menu or go to add new. This will open the WP forms, or you can’t drag and drop from the builder. You can start by giving the contact form name or select the admin contact from the template. WP forms lite are prebuilt form templates such as simple contact form, blank, or use to create your own with any contact form. You can do right click on the field to edit. Now you can also use the mouse to drag or drop the field command. When it comes to adding a new field, you can select from the left sidebar’s available fields. When the process is done, click the save button.

Configure the form notification or confirmation

You have created the WordPress form, or it’s Paramount to configure the phone notification as well as form confirmation properly. It is like what the website visitors fees after submitting the form. You can redirect the things to a special page. Form notification is an email, or you can get after submitting the contact form on the WordPress website. You can customize the form notification by going to the settings tab in the form builder.

How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress?

When you are done configuring the WordPress contact form, the comment is the time to add to a page. The foremost thing needs to start learning to do is to create a new page or edit an existing page where you want to add. There is a need to click on add new block button to the WPforms or click to add to your page. WP form block will appear in the content area of the page. There is a need to click on the dropdown menu to select the accurate form from the created.

Add the WordPress contact form to a slide bar

WP forms are available with WordPress contact form with a widget that you can use to add the contact form to the slide bar, or basically, you can use the widget for the themes. When you go to the WordPress admin area, you can go to appearance as well as widgets. Next, you can add the title for the widget or select the form you want to display. Save the settings or visit the website for the preview.

Hopefully, this article will help create a contact form in WordPress. You can use the best plugins for creating the contact form in WordPress.

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