Best Textsheet Alternatives Working 2020

Many people started looking for the alternative for Textsheet as it has been shut down. It means that many students are using an alternative to solve the assignments.The competitive world coming there are never-ending questions, and getting answers for them, you have to look for such software.
Whether you are looking for academic or a career based question, you can easily get the help of the text sheet. It can help you to get solutions for your homework assignments.There are many sites where you can easily get the help of this software, which can help you avoid wasting your time and get quick solutions.

What is

Textsheet is one of the most popular websites on students, which helps them to find the answers to the question. Due to the sudden increase in the popularity of the site in a short time, websites started to provide solutions for free. By using the API technology, it was easily able to guide the students to the right questions.
Students who always want to solve assignments without making any effort use the help of this site.Due to the massive success in this online product, many people started to use it is. One of the main reasons behind its popularity was it was completely free. It can provide you quick solutions and help you to make your assignments.

Why did TextSheet go down?
Due to the seven lines and the popularity of the Textsheet services and students become addicted to it was topped with time, it started to use solutions and storing stealing the content from other websites makes it difficult.
By misusing the content from other websites, it started to give solutions to the student, which become a violation of copyright issues.Due to these violations, the website was down, and there are no issues with returning.

Some Alternatives to TextSheet

Here are some of the Best Textsheet Alternatives that you can prefer to use.


It is an academic platform, which can help you with your homework and ensure that you can easily find online textbooks for rentals and scholarships. It can easily help you to find a wide range of services which are similar to the check sheet.
For all the college students who were looking for an online platform that can help them with their assignments and academic solutions, then you can consider this one. You can easily find answers to all the questions, and if there is no appropriate answer,you can consult it with the professor.There are solutions available for more than 6400 universities, and you can easily rent books online.

Course hero

Course Hero is an amazing website that is quite similar to Textsheet, where you can get quick answers to all your questions and queries. You can easily get answers to all your questions for completing assignments and homework.
It has more than 30 million users worldwide, where you can find more than 25 million online courses.The students can upload the solution is the courses on it. By searching for the contents around the world and then upload in the answer will easily help with the assignments related to finance and ministry.

Crazy for Study

Crazy for Study is one of the most popular websites for the students, which has more than 30k unique visitors everyday along with 180k page views. You can easily find more than 150 million books on the platform, which helps the students.
Every student can get quick solutions for all the questions that they have. It also helps you with subjects like history, engineering, computer, science,and math.


Next on the list is Slader, one of the best alternatives as you can get all the required, which is on it. All the students of the USA can get the answer key is a long according to their syllabus. It is an independent site that can help in providing questions and answers.
It has been a significant improvement in the quality of information on the platform for all college students. it can help with providing better accessibility to all the students


Paperhelp is a great alternative Textsheet which can help you to provide solutions for various types of questions.You can easily use the help of this custom-writing portal, where you can find a systematic approach that can help you to save a lot of time in finding the answers.It is a great platform for all college students, campus students, and scholars. You can easily get high-quality solutions to all your queries on this platform.


The next on the list is Sparknotes, which can help in providing answers to all your questions.It is a popular tool for all the school students as you can easily get answers related to poetry andthe literature.
It is one of the best Textsheet alternatives, which has more than 100K people who use the content and solutions from the platform. You can easily understand summaries by ensuring that it can help in improving your learning process.


The last one on the list is Studylib, which can help you get help with the assignments and homework on the website. It doesn’t an amazing layout, which can help you to find anything that you want easily.
You can easily change your notes on the platform and upload the files, which can be useful for your study purpose. You can easily get digital flashcards on the website,helping you gain all the necessary information. It is a great Textsheet alternative that you can use.
So these are some of the best Textsheet alternatives that you can prefer to use. You can easily get all the details about these programs. It will help you to get answers to all your questions so that you can easily utilize them for your study purpose. You can get help for assignments or homework so that you won’t have to waste a lot of your time and easily get all the required answers.

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