How to Fix Twitch Black Screen Issue

It’s a perfect forum to twitch tv. But by using the app consumers face certain errors. One such weakness is the Twitch Black Screen. If the error happens, the entire streaming window remains black, so you can hear audio, talk with your friends, see the profiles of the video streaming window, so can’t see or alter anything. This is an issue most commonly encountered by Android and Google Chrome users.

It is safest to restart your system first before taking any of the suggested troubleshooting steps mentioned below.This action refreshes the OS and clears any corrupted temporary data that can cause the problem. Don’t worry, this is one of the common errors on twitch-streamer face if you notice this error. Today’s explanations for this failure are fine. We have sought a way to address this issue and find that various users need another way in which this black screen bug can be corrected.


What makes a Twitch Black Screen?

Twitch black screen error has many explanations. There’s a simple explanation here:

             DNS Error: In order to run the stream, your computer’s DNS settings could be updated due to some upgrade, it involves some specific DNS configuration. This can be done by using Google DNS.

             IP error: network problem is caused by IP protocol. During streaming, IP error can cause freeze video. The black screen problem can be solved by resetting IP.

             Browser Issue: Often our browser stores some cache and cookies that’re twisted or negative. The simplest cure for a twitch screen error is to delete these cache and cookies.

             Error in the server: Twitch server can collapse due to a twitch server technical error. Therefore, twitches officers must wait for the issue to be resolved.

             Hardware acceleration: Hardware acceleration collides periodically with some programmes and facilities but is used to improve performance.

How to fix the sound error on the Twitch Black Screen?

We have sought several methods to address the problem of Twitch Black Screen but most of them have not succeeded for consumers. Therefore, we considered the best methods:

Solution 1: Set Google DNS


The ISP (Internet service provider) typically provides the default DNS address. But this default address also causes a black problem for twitch displays. Google DNS settings should be used to address the black screen problem instead of default settings.

Step 1: Click on “Running dialogue box” to press the Windows + R

Step 2: Type the “control panel” dialogue > click ok inside Run dialogue.

Step 3: Choose from the control panel “Network and Internet.”


twitch screen sound problem


Step 4: Select “Network and Sharing Center“


Stage 5: Verify the “connection” for your current network



Stage 6: Click here Near the tiny window that pops up, click on “Properties.”


Stage 7:  Double-click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 “TCP / IPv4” in order to change the DNS server.

twitch screen issue solution

Modify your DNS configuration & Use the following “Specify DNS server

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:


fix twitch screen error

Solution 2: Fixed Hardware Acceleration Issue

Hardware acceleration used to improve program malfunction, but often it causes a conflict and an error. We must then turn it off in order to verify whether or not it causes a twitch black screen error. The switch off of the hardware acceleration is a simple solution for Google Chrome twitch black screen issue.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome > Click on 3 vertical dots of the right corner of the screen.


twitch-app-blank-screen bug

Step 2: Click “Advanced“> Find subheading “System“.



Step 3: Uncheck the option that says “Use hardware acceleration when available”



Step 4: Restart your browser to see if the issue is fixed

Solution 3: Configure Network

The twitch server can not connect correctly and caused a Stream crash because of wrong network settings. Take the instructions below to reset the network settings.

Step 1 –: Search in your Windows search bar for “Network reset”

Step 2 : Click on “Reset Network.”

Step 3: Click  on “Reset now.”

Step 4: Choose Yes

Step 5: You get an auto-reboot alert (saving all of your work and finishing all programme cause instantly restarts after 2 minutes)

Solution 4: Reset Ip address

Step 1: Press Windows key + R

Step 2: In the Run dialogue box type “cmd” > Press OK.

Step 3: Form “ipconfig /release”

Step 4: Type “ipconfig / renew” > Enter when prompt returns.

Step 5: type “exit“> press Enter

Check whether or not the issue with the Twitch black screen always exists.

Solution 5:Check your router and browser

In the case that the above steps are not right, the next steps should be taken.

  • Ensure that the router has no Javascript blocking firewall configuration.
  • Try to reset the router by disconnecting it and put it off for one minute before it is re-plugged.
  • Try to deactivate the browser’s extensions and plugins.
  • Make sure that your device supports the Flash player and JavaScript.
  • Enable TLS on your PC.
  • Do not use proxies or VPNs

Verify if there is still a problem with Twitch black screen.



Corrected twitch black screen error on Google Chrome

And use the following methods if you are using the Google Chrome browser.

  1. Delete cookies & browser cache
  2. Clear details of browsing
  3. Google Chrome uses incognito mode
  4. Disable all browser and plugin extensions
  5. Enable JavaScript and Flash players for all applications
  6. Update your browser currently
  7. Reset default settings for Chrome browser
  8. Enable TLS

Step 1: Open Chrome

Step 2: Click on three vertical points to open the menu!

Step 3: Open Settings > Click Advanced Settings

Step 4: Click System > Click Open Settings for Proxy

Step 5: Click Advanced tab > Search all options of TLS > Click OK.

  1. Unable VPN or web proxy
  2. Please use
  3. Using twitch Multitwitch alternative

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